SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide 2018-19
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SEO Made Simple.

SEO Made Simple

SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide 2018-19

Now our topic is SEO Made Simple is a technique, Following the steps of SEO, increases your website traffic. Without SEO  you cannot have a lifeline of your blog like the main part of a person is his heart, just like the main part of the blog is a keyword. The right use of the keyword is called SEO.

SEO is very important to increase traffic to any blog.

you know how to Google search engine work?

Did you know that daily 2 million blogs are published in today’s time? Bringing your blog to the top of this crowd does not work with a challenge. Writing the blog correctly, using the right heading, using keywords properly is called an SEO, with the help of SEO Made Simple, the blog gets a ranking.

SEO optimization: Helps to increase organic traffic.

SEO Made Simple: Guide

what is SERP?

When we do some searches on Google, then the page that opens in front of us is called SERP i.e. the search engine result. A computer program results page (SERP) is that the page displayed by an internet search engine in response to a question by a searcher. the most part of the SERP is that the listing of results that square measure came by the computer program in response to a keyword question, though the page may contain different results love advertisements.
Search engine results are two types

Non-organic traffic: 

Non-organic SEO or Artificial SEO might yield faster results and raise your initial ranking and placement, however, the results are usually less effective in the long-term compared to organic SEO. It works by concentrating on computer program promoting that involves paid to advertise, pay-per-click advertising additionally as paid affiliate promoting.

Organic traffic:

Organic SEO or Natural SEO because it is additionally referred to as typically takes longer to execute however will yield long-run results. It works by specializing in content creation, link building, meta-tag optimization, keyword sweetening, etc

SEO Made Simple
SEO Made Simple

with the help of search engine optimization, we can come top ranking.

how to do SEO for website step by step

SEO Made Simple: Guide

SEO tools list

On-Page SEO

in this section SEO Made Simple is meant to assist beginners to optimize the on-page parts of their web content, and acquire the foremost price potential out of their website before worrying concerning obtaining links.

  1. Submit your website in all search engine.

when your website is ready for publishing fully check all links menu, categories and design etc, after all, is completed, and then you submit your website or a new blog on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  when you submit your website, google capture your all website data for record, for their information to know what type your website or blog and then indexed according to categories. so google submit is a part of SEO Made Simple.

2. Find good keywords

: SEO Made Simple

The keyword is a most important part of SEO Made Simple, use the keyword at the proper place. a keyword is a lifeline of the blog, keyword play most important role in ranking because in search engine optimization mostly use the keywords. when your blog comes in ranking automatically increase your CPC or earning.

free google SEO tools is a google keyword planner here you find all type of keywords that are a help of your blog in ranking.

A right keyword is more helpful in search engine optimization. for example small business idea, low investment, and high return, business ideas with low investment, low investment business, small investment business, business ideas with low investment and high profit.

The right way of choosing keyword is good traffic and low competition because low competition keyword is easily ranking in google and then easily atrack traffic.

Where use Keyword in Blog.

  1. Heading( page title)
  2. using in blog contents: only 2% using in blog contents area because Google decides the percentage of using the keyword in the blog if you keyword using more than 2%, Google discarded your blog in ranking.
  3. Meta Description might be any length, however, web crawlers, informal communities, and social bookmarking destinations, for the most part, abbreviate the length of the depiction to in the vicinity of 150 and 160 characters in length (counting spaces, statements, and accentuation).
  4. finally, use in URL.
SEO Made Simple
SEO Made Simple

3. Internal Linking

a website’s navigation, content, and different linkable components to develop a logical and coherent linking structure to spotlight and emphasize the importance of the keywords that the website is progressing to rank.
Internal linking contribute to the usability and computer programme friendliness of an internet site in a style of ways:

3.1 Internal links: SEO Made Simple

whether or not text links or image links, afford to make internal navigation links in a way more precise and fewer conspicuous (compared to main and facet navigation) manner. This helps each user and search engines realize relevant and complementary content.  If utilized properly internal links will facilitate produce a subject hierarchy which might assist search engines in higher categorizing (and distribution value) to content.

3.3   Internal links:

particularly text links, facilitate push the link worth from your home (or high level) page(s) deeper into your website, which might then translate into associate degree improved ability of these secondary, tertiary (or even deeper) pages.

4. Text Links: SEO Made Simple

Internal text links is an SEO Made Simple technique of interlocking pages at intervals in one domain. If enforced properly, internal text links cannot solely contribute to raised computer programme rankings, however, to additionally create your web {site} a lot of easy by permitting in-text steering choices for site guests. The text link is totally different than a conventional steering link, and seems at intervals matter content, as against a formated steering block.

4.1 Structure of a Text Link SEO Made Simple

structure link is a part if SEO Made Simple, this consists of two parts. An anchor text ( anchor text generally appearing in text and different color/ highlight by an underline.)

4.1.1 Anchor Text Variety: SEO Made Simple

Just like the importance of being consistent, it’s essential to possess natural selection as a part of your computer programme improvement efforts. this can be doubly true for your link profile, each internal and external. Since you have got absolute management over your internal links, it’s necessary to require full advantage of this chance and confirm that there’s natural selection in your anchor text.
Anchor text selection is that the method of victimization similar, however, varied anchor text for linking to pages dedicated to the topic.

5. Images

SEO Made Simple

Images are an important part of search engine optimization so images are made helpful in SEO Made Simple, Each image on a website has many ways that within which it may be optimized to assist contribute to the program optimization method.  It does not have high determination photos that square measure then diminished in size to suit on your page.

5.1 Image Name: SEO Made Simple

images can be used to identify what the image is about. the image name is helpful in google search engine optimization. always used image name same as the keyword.

for example keyword name the “Small Business Idea” same give the image name ” Small Business Idea”

5.2 Image Alt Attribute:  SEO Made Simple

Always Use Alt Attribute with the image because alt Attribute gives the information about the image.

for example keyword name “Small Business Idea” same give the image alt attribute ” Small Business Idea”


SEO Made Simple
SEO Made Simple

6. Page Titles

: SEO Made Simple

The title tag is a required piece of all HTML/XHTML archives and has a vital impact in both client experience and web crawler optimization. The title label’s proposed utilize is to give a brief and precise depiction of the substance on a site page and has a critical influence in enhancing client encounter.

SEO Made Simple
SEO Made Simple

By including applicable catchphrases, website admins can have a huge effect on a site’s positioning; making illustrative and watchword rich title labels a standout amongst the most vital parts of on-page site improvement.


7. Meta Tags: SEO Made Simple

A meta tag is HTML components which give meta information about a site page. Two of the major meta tag are meta description and Keyword.  Some meta labels can be a minor however helpful piece of fruitful on-page website improvement.

7.1 Meta Description

: SEO Made Simple

A meta description is helpful in SEO Made Simple, which provide an explanation of the webpage content. SERP display the meta description.

SEO Made Simple
SEO Made Simple

Social Sites like Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook pull data from Meta Description when users show or offer substance.

Clear and compact meta Description enable users to precisely figure out what data is on a given website page.

By augmentation, each meta depiction ought to be remarkable to the page that it portrays. Replicating meta depictions from different pages and reusing them isn’t useful to users and is unquestionably not going to positively affect natural rankings.

information about search engine optimization in Hindi

8. Headings & Sub Headings SEO Made Simple

SEO Made Simple

heading and subheading provide a structure of your blog content. Heading tag range is H1 to H6, H1 heading is the largest size, H1 heading for use in the title, H1 heading for only one-time use. Same as using an H2 heading. H3, H4, H5, H6 heading use according to your paragraph.

9. HTML Cleanup: SEO Made Simple

  • Externalize all of your CSS and JavaScript – rather than together with your CSS and JavaScript inline, utilize the tag to import that piece of your code as basic, chopping down varied lines of code (which on account of templates, might be many lines).

This will influence your pages to stack slower. therefore as against having photos, that square measure size for utilizing, for what reason not utilize photos that square measure the right size that you just require? in addition, make sure you square measure utilizing the right record organize for the circumstance, therefore abstain from utilizing a.BMP style once a.JPEG, GIF, or.PNG would do fine and dandy.

10. URL Structure: SEO Made Simple

Short URLs are better – the shorter the URL the more valuable and supportive it will be. Keeping URLs concise will likewise enable you to abstain from making a spammy URL.

11. Sitemap of your website submits in google webmaster tool. a sitemap is consist of .xml file. in this file, all information included in your blog.

Some SEO Made Simple  marketing tools

Google crawlers add in their database about our blog information. SEO Made Simple: Guide

12. always use optimize image size, this trick more helpful in SEO Made Simple. SEO Made Simple: Guide

13. Create high-quality content on the blog SEO Made Simple: Guide

14.  Regularly  write blogs

15. time to time update your blogs

16. Always write a lengthy blog use 1000- 2000 word to make SEO friendly. SEO Made Simple: Guide

16. Always use an internal link.

17 always share your blog content on the social media platform, for example, Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ etc.

18. Create high-quality backlinks

19. always allow comments on your blogs and time to time reply your comments.

20. buy your Domain for a long time period. SEO Made Simple: Guide

21. google analytics install on your blog. SEO Made Simple

                                                     SEO Made Simple: Guide


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